Hi, I’m Britta Lundin, a Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker. Thanks for dropping by!

Britta Lundin rubiks cube

You can find me on Twitter at @brittashipsit or Tumblr at @brittalundin.

I’m currently a staff writer on the show RIVERDALE on the CW. I also wrote part of the Road to Riverdale comic.

My script SHIP IT, a comedy about a teenage gay fanfiction writer, won The Bitch List for the best Bechdel Test-passing screenplays.

I shot the viral feminist webseries A Series of Comebacks.

I’m pretty passionate about fandom, shipping, and queer characters. I love pop culture. I love mysteries. I’ll happily devour your angsty fic recs. I’ve never stopped loving boy bands.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife. Together we have a lime tree that has produced one (1) lime.

Here’s a photo of me with a camera:

Britta Lundin filmmaker

If you want to hire me for something (hey, cool!) you should talk to my agent, Jim Ehrich at Rothman Brecher Agency.

See you ’round! Here’s a picture of me being goofy:

Britta Lundin so sexy wow